Choosing the Perfect Seeds

Choosing the Perfect Seeds

If you want to grow the right strain of cannabis then choosing the perfect seeds is the where it all begins.  Cannabis seeds are right up there with roses when it comes popularity and selective breeding of the plants.  There are thousands of different strains of seeds available and it makes cannabis one of the most interesting plants to try and cultivate.  The perfect cannabis seed will depend on a number of different factors and of course your own personal taste, here are some of the things you want to look for when searching for the perfect cannabis seed.

THC Content

THC stands for “tetrahydrocannabinol” and this is the compound that gives users the “high” they are looking for.  You won’t find THC in the seeds themselves but rather in the full grown cannabis plant.  Most seeds will have the THC content listed and this means a full grown plant should contain that level of the compound.  When it comes to THC recreational cannabis users they want seeds with higher THC content, medicinal users aren’t as concerned and many prefer a lower THC content.

The Yield

The yield is how much cannabis you can get from the seed, this metric is calculated in grams and it is based on the average yield of the plants from the breeder. You want a seed that gives you a decent yield to make growing it worth your while.

The Strain

The strain is probably the most important factor when it comes to choosing the right cannabis seeds.  The yield and THC levels may be comparable across a bunch of different strains but strain is all about the effect.  There are strains that have won awards for their quality, yes even growing cannabis has an award system.  Feminized seeds are popular at the moment, but first you want to understand what you want the cannabis to do for you.  Are you looking to relieve pain or anxiety, or for a more recreational use?  Different strains are better suited for different things.  Here is a look at different strains and what they do.

With legalization in so many states getting good cannabis seeds isn’t the problem that it used to be.  If you are lucky enough to live in a state with either medical or recreational use then chances are good that you can get good seeds from a local dispensary.  Today you can even get seeds online that are discreetly delivered to your door.